Abundantia Consulting

Technology consulting for small businesses and non-profits.
At a reasonable price.

About Us

Abundantia [abʊnˈdantia] the divine personification of abundance and prosperity.

With over 12 years of experience in Co-Operative financial institutions; Tyler Hardison Principal Consultant/Owner of Abundantia, is well versed in the technology challenges that small businesses and non-profits face.

Rising technology costs, shrinking budgets, and increasing market and regulatory pressures are often the top concerns for the technology managers of small institutions. We at Abundantia work on a sliding scale to help you meet your budgetary goals. We combine this with the use of Open Source technology to help reduce the overall cost to you.

Tyler has extensive experience with databases, operating systems, web platforms, cloud computing, and implementing these technologies in a secure and stable fashion. If you have your own staff, Tyler will work with them to ensure that they can support the solution for the long term.

We can also provide analysis of your existing platforms and even provide advice/services to integrate different platforms to work together. This makes for a user experience that improves your productivity.


Database Analysis

Having database performance problems? Let us come in and analyze the workloads to determine how to improve responsiveness.

Code Analysis

We can analyze your code to ensure it is secure and capable to suport any workload needed.

Server Analysis

We will do a deep discovery of your server architecture and make recommendations and/or remediate any issues found.

Service Integration

Do you have systems that you need to talk to each other? Let us come in and figure out how to fit that square peg in a round hole.

Cost Analysis

With experience in budgeting and cost effective operations, let us come in and analyze your costs to help you save money.

Network Analysis

We can help you troubleshoot your networking issues.

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